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Puppy care info


Current Litter - L

We have brown Labrador Retrievers puppies ! They will be 4 weeks old.





Puppies will be available to go home with their new owners in September 2011.  They are brown Labrador Retrievers from imported parents of excellent ancestry (see below) -  Caly z Choče ("Buffy") and Chablais Sable Blue Caramelo ("Monty").  Both the mother and the father of the puppies have a number of excelent, reputable ancestors.  Buffy originates from Slovakia and we have had her for 5 years.  Caly's father is Champion Tjotte´s Buffalo Bandit and her mother is Multichampion First Lady Aldamity.  Monty was acquired by the Sable Blues Kennel from Canada.  This young dog is alredy the champion of three countries and champion in waiting in several others, and has a very promising career ahead of him.






Chablais Sable Blue


ED 0/0


Ch. Chablais Chocolatier

Big Skys Stone Kutter
Ch.Paradocs Tabatha´s Stonehenge
Big Skys Sable 
Ch. Chablais Delorme Ziggy 
Ch.Superbe Moke Des Savanes
Ch. Chablais Gipsy
Ch. Chablais Violette

Ch. Chablais Marcello

 Ch.Chablais John Kaffe
 Ch. Chablais Miss Zia
Ch. Chablais Serena
 Ch. Tabatha´s Rollick At Carowby
Ch. Chablais MiouMiou









Caly z Choče
DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0



Tjotte´s Buffalo Bandit


Caven´s Coca-Mo Brute

 ICH Lindall
A´Bit of the Action 

Nuch Tjotte´s Babysitters Nightmare

 ICH Banner´s
Muskelunge Buckeye
 ICH Imp´s Strictly Business


CH SR,CZ, HU,Slov.Grand champ.

 First Lady Aldamity

Evr.vítěz ml.,6xBOB,BIG,BIS
Master of Chocolate
du Taillis Madame
 CH Brandhams 
Make Me a Star for Oulsmi
Midnight Sun Choco Beauty
 Brandy Brown Pyrhos
of Prag
 CH Boothgates Kolour Scheme


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Upcoming Litter




Puppies of female golden retriever Extra Gentle Kiss "Katy" are planned for Spring 2012 



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Puppy Care Info

Important - Please Read!

Socializing the puppies

♦ Our puppies are home raised with daily care, since their birth until leaving for their new homes. Soon after leaving their birth crate they are allowed to enjoy our garden to establish the first important contacts with the "world". Very soon they are introduced to our human and dog pack. We allow our puppies to go home between 7 and 8 weeks. At this age they are already well socialized, few times dewormed, vaccinated and tatooted and with a basic sense of keeping their crate clean. The owner will get from us the Buying Contract, Certificate of Origin and International Certificate of Vaccination. We try to stay in touch with owners of our puppies for their whole life. To those who are starting with breeding, we gladly advice how to educate, train and we gladly provide a temporary accommodation for the puppy in a case of need. All exhibition and other accomplishments or photographs of our puppies are published on our web page.

Contact with future owners

Our kennel does not sell puppies over the internet without a possibility of knowing the future owner. We require all interviews to be done the old fashioned way, in person or by phone. However the first contact can be established by email - please send us your name and full contact including phone number, any details about your preferences like color, girl or boy and please state a purpose of acquiring a puppy, e.g. for breeding and exhibitions or as a lifetime family member. We prefer meeting the future buyers and owners of our puppies in person so we know where the puppy will live and the buyer has an opportunity to see our kennel and the environment, where the puppies are raised. If you are interested in acquiring a Bohemia Angel puppy, please contact us for details.

After the birth ...

♦ Puppies' weights are monitored weekly to ensure that all of the puppies are advancing at the same rate.
♦ Puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, and 8 weeks of their lives
♦ At 6 weeks, the puppies are given their first shots
♦ We begin monitoring personality at 4 weeks of age
♦ We allow our puppies to go home between 7 and 8 weeks
♦ We try to stay in touch with the owners of our puppies for whole their lives

Puppy comes with a puppy packets that includes

♦ Certificate of Origin, International Certificate of Vaccination including vaccine schedule, and the Buying Contract
♦ A ziploc bag of puppy food
♦ Feeding instructions
♦ At this time puppies are 2x vaccinated and 3x dewormed


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